Swedish Massage – The hands-on technique of manipulating muscle tissue with gliding and kneading motions. This is the foundation for most  sessions.

Healing Touch – Assessment, balancing, and clearing of the human energy field that surrounds the physical body. Benefits often include pain relief and enhanced well being.

Aromatherapy – Therapeutic grade essential oils are specifically selected to enhance various aspects of a massage session: relaxation, deep breathing, emotional balance, release of tension and energetic field clearing.

Heated Stone Therapy – When requested ahead of time, smooth heated stones can be prepared and used in a Swedish massage session to glide over tight muscles and achieve a deeper level of relaxation and release of muscle tension while using a lighter touch.

Additional bodywork techniques available include: Reflexology, Pressure Point Therapy,  Myofascial Release, Therapeutic Stretching and Pre-natal Massage.

1/2 hour $40
3/4 hour $55
1 hour  $70
1 1/2 hours $90
2 hours $120
$10.00 additional charge for heated stones